CE Tech Tips — December 2016

CE Tech Tips — December 2016

CE Professional Tech Tip Sharing
December 2016


Due the danger and complexity of electronics repair, the following shared technical tips are intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information.

Crosley TV, C23HDVDHB
Reason for Service: Have to push Power several times before TV comes on.
Solution: Check for bad caps on small power supply board.  C4, C5, C6 were all bad.  680uF/25V.

Emerson TV,  LC320EM1F
Reason for Service:  It took many tries to get the set to start.
Solution:  Replacing Q1970 and D1979 on the inverter board fixed the set.

Hitachi TV,  57UWX20B
Reason for Service:  No video or audio or OSD.  If you turn up the screens, you see some video.
Solution:  Checking video mute, AC protect and Horiz blanking found Q445 shorted.  Replacing it fixed the set.

Mitsubishi TV,  WD60638
Reason for Service:  After the set is warmed up, picture flickers.
Solution: Replacing the color wheel fixed the set.  938P179010

Philips TV, 50PFP5332D/37
Reason for Service: Intermittently locks up when powering on.
Solution: Replaced all the following caps on the Y main: C5011, C5014, C5024, C5051 and C5065. 

Reason for Service:  Intermittent shutdown.
Solution: Look for bad solder on the end of CL021. This is in the collector circuit of the HOT.  Resoldering this connection fixed the set. 

Samsung TV,  UN55D7000LFXZA
Reason for Service:  When you plug set in, it clicks repeatedly.
Solution: Replacing the power board fixed the set.  BN44-00428A

Samsung Plasma TV, PN50A450P1
Reason for Service:  Primes, but no picture.
Solution:  Replaced C5400 & C5706, (100uF/25V) on the Ysus and C4035, (680uF/25V) on the Zsus.  Also found open 5A fuse on the E Buffer, (runs along the bottom of the set.) 

Toshiba TV, 62HMX94

Reason for Service:  Bad lamp, (shattered), installing new lamp did not fix the set.  Crackling noise in ballast area.
Solution:  Replacing the ballast allowed the set to work with the new bulb.




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