CE Tech Tips — February 2017

CE Tech Tips — February 2017

CE Professional Tech Tip Sharing
February 2017


Due the danger and complexity of electronics repair, the following shared technical tips are intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information.

Disney TV/DVD, P1310ATVD
Reason for Service: Bright screen with retrace.
Solution:  Replaced the CRT socket. 

Hitachi TV, 60SX2K
Reason for Service: Loss of audio in TV mode only.
Solution: Replaced M-4001. 

Mitsubishi TV, WD65638
Reason for Service: Lamp was out.  Replacing the lamp, set worked for a couple of minutes, the picture flashed and color wheel began making noises.
Solution:  Replacing the lamp and the color wheel fixed the problems. 

Panasonic Plasma, TCP50S30
Reason for Service:  Shuts down with 8 blink code.
Solution:  Discovered loose ground screws on the SS board.  Replacing them with Panasonic kit XYN3+F6FJ-18PK fixed the set. 

Philips TV, 50PFP5332D/37
Reason for Service:  Shuts down at turn on.
Solution: Reseating all cables fixed the set.

RCA TV, F36650, (ATC113)
Reason for Service:  The vertical was compressed intermittently at top third of screen.
Solution: Replaced CV32 and fixed the problem. 1000uF/25V. Clean the board well after removing the old cap. 

Sharp TV, LC-26SH10U
Reason for Service: Has sound, but no back light.  Has 24V to the inverter.
Solution: Found an open fuse on the inverter board; replacing it fixed the set. 

Vizio TV, E421VO
Reason for Service: When you turn set on, you see splash screen for a few seconds, then backlights go off, no video, OSD or sound.  Could not turn set back off.
Solution:  Replaced the IR receiver board.

Vizio TV, VX37LHDTV10A
Reason for Service:  Power comes on with backlight, but no audio, video or OSD.  Logo does turn to white.
Solution: Replacing U7, AMC1117 and U9, K1117 fixed the set. 

Westinghouse TV, TX47430S
Reason for Service: TV shuts down after a popping sound.
Solution: Found a lot of old solder on the power board, resoldering fixed the set.

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