Kelon Replacement Parts

Kelon Electrical Holdings Company Limited, is one of the largest Chinese white goods manufacturers, producing refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers and small electric appliances. The company is well known in mainland China under its brand names Kelon and Rongsheng. Kelon is a subsidiary of Hisense, a growing electronics company based out of China. These products are reliable and affordable, and provide a wide range of home appliances. Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Company Ltd. and its subsidiaries are currently one of the largest manufacturers of household electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises in the Peoples Republic of China. In December 2005, the Company was pleased to be acknowledged as one of the Top 500 Quality Companies in China which is one of the most trusted labels by the consumers. The Kelon brand air-conditioners were awarded the Top 10 Quality Air-Conditioner Brands in China. Kelon air-conditioners were also ranked first in the household electrical appliances sector.