W11108222 Tool Kit (See Details Below)
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Tool Kit (See Details Below)

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23 lbs.
Box Dimensions
17" x 15" x 5"
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Detailed Description

Part Number_W10895710_Description_.413"- .313" Or 5/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895713_Description_.335" - .313" Or 5/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895716_Description_.335"- .250" Or 1/4" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895720_Description_.335"- .197" Or 3/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895723_Description_.313" Or 5/16" - .250" Or 1/4" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895724_Description_.313" Or 5/16" - .197" Or 3/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895738_Description_.295" - .250" Or 1/4" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895748_Description_.275" - .250" Or 1/4" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895750_Description_.275" - .197" Or 3/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10895757_Description_.250" Or 1/4" - .197" Or 3/16" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10896676_Description_.250" Or 1/4" - .156" Or 5/32" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10896677_Description_.250" Or 1/4" - .079" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10896678_Description_.250" Or 1/4" - .071" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10896689_Description_.197" Or 3/16" - .156" Or 5/32" Brass Reducer
Part Number_W10896690_Description_.313" Or 5/16" Brass Connector
Part Number_W10896709_Description_.250" Or 1/4" Brass Connector
Part Number_W10896710_Description_.188" Or 3/16" Brass Connector
Part Number_W10896711_Description_.156" Or 5/32" Brass Connector
Part Number_W10896712_Description_.118" Brass Connector
Part Number_W10896713_Description_.313" Or 5/16"- .087" Alum Reducer
Part Number_W10897193_Description_.313" Or 3/8"- .079" Alum Reducer
Part Number_W10897194_Description_.313" Or 3/8"- .071" Alum Reducer
Part Number_W10897195_Description_.313" Or 5/16" Alum Connector
Part Number_W10897196_Description_.250" Or 1/4" Alum Connector
Part Number_W10897197_Description_.250" Or 1/4" Brass Stopper
Part Number_W11033348_Description_.250" Or 1/4" Charging Tube W/ Schrader Valve
Part Number_W10897198_Description_.275" Ext For Compressor Stub
Part Number_W10897199_Description_.295" Ext For Compressor Stub
Part Number_W10897200_Description_5/16" Ext For Compressor Stub
Part Number_W10898067_Description_Pre-Assembly Tool 3/16"
Part Number_W10898068_Description_Pre-Assembly Tool 1/4"
Part Number_W10898070_Description_Pre-Assmbly Tool 5/16"
Part Number_W10898071_Description_Nav Assembly Tool
Part Number_W10898072_Description_Nav Assembly Tool Insert
Part Number_W10898073_Description_Nav Assembly Tool Insert
Part Number_W10898074_Description_Lokprep65G /15 Ml Bottle
Part Number_W10898075_Description_Manual Hand Tool Double Hinged Handles
Part Number_W10898076_Description_Assembly Jaws For Up To 5/16"
Part Number_W10898077_Description_Assembly Jaws For Up To 3/8"
Part Number_W10898078_Description_Capillary Tube Cutters
Part Number_W10898079_Description_Emery Cloth 9X11
Part Number_W10898080_Description_120 Degree Tube Cutter


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