AO532H 10.1
Acer Replacement Parts
Model Number
10.1" Netbook Computer
Acer is a top computer brand, manufacturing laptops and desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors and more. Acer is a multinational hardware and electronics corporation, specializing in electronics technology, headquartered in Taiwan. Acer's products include desktop PCs, laptop PCs (including Chromebooks), tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality devices, displays, smartphones and peripherals. Acer is one of the worlds top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries.From service-oriented technologies to the Internet of Things to gaming and virtual reality, Acer is dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology. From everyday multi tasking to everyday gaming - Acer has you covered.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
27.WH202.007Acer Ac Clip/plug Brazil
27.WH202.002Acer Ac Clip/plug Eu
27.WH202.001Acer Ac Clip/plug Us
AP.04007.001Acer Adapter 40W 19V Interchangeable Clip Black Tip - 1.7X5.5x11
Acer Adapter 40W 19V Interchangeable Clip Black Tip - 1.7X5.5x11
50.SAT02.002Acer Antenna 3G-aux
50.SAT02.001Acer Antenna 3G-main
50.SAS02.004Acer Antenna Wlan-aux
50.SAS02.003Acer Antenna Wlan-main
AO532HAcer Ao532h
LU.SAL08.012Acer Ao532h-2000-es W7st32em/n450/2g/250/3l/b
LU.SAL0C.017Acer Ao532h-2035-br Linpus/n450/2g/250/3l.2/b
LU.SAL0C.003Acer Ao532h-2048-br Linpus/n450/2g/160/3l/blk
LU.SAL08.005Acer Ao532h-2094-en W7st32/n450/2g/250/6l.8/b
LU.SAQ08.015Acer Ao532h-2106-ar W7st32/n450/2g/250/6l.8/r
LU.SAL0C.046Acer Ao532h-2113-es Linpus/n450/1g/160/3l/b
LU.SAL0C.014Acer Ao532h-2122-cl Linpus/n450/2g/250/6l.8/b
LU.SAL0B.165Acer Ao532h-2135-es Aoxphst/n450b/1g/160gb/3l2.2
LU.SAQ08.006Acer Ao532h-2151-cl W7st/n450/2g/250/6l.8/red
LU.SAL0D.297Acer Ao532h-2206-us W7st/n450/1g/250/6l.2/blu
LU.SAL0D.360Acer Ao532h-2207-es N450/snw7st/1g/250/6l/b
LU.SAQ0B.129Acer Ao532h-2221-cl Em Aoxphst/n450b/1gb/160g/3l2.2/5r
LU.SAL0D.369Acer Ao532h-2234-ca Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/3l
LU.SAQ08.011Acer Ao532h-2258-es W7st32/n450/2g/250/3l/red
LU.SAQ08.001Acer Ao532h-2280-es W7st32/n450/2g/250/6l.8/r
LU.SAL0C.049Acer Ao532h-2282-br Linpus/n450/2g/160/3l/b
LU.SAQ08.005Acer Ao532h-2284-es W7st32/n450/2g/250/6l.8/r
LU.SAL0B.146Acer Ao532h-2302-cl Em Aoxphst/n450b/1gb/160g//3l2.2/5r
LU.SAQ0B.102Acer Ao532h-2309-us Aoxph/n450/1g/160/6l.8/rd/10.1
LU.SAQ0B.105Acer Ao532h-2323-xc Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/red
LU.SAL0D.274Acer Ao532h-2326-us W7st/n450/1g/250/6l.8/blu/10.1
LU.SAM0D.132Acer Ao532h-2340-ca Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/3l/b
LU.SAL0D.313Acer Ao532h-2344-ca W7st/n450/1g/160/3l/b/acc
LU.SAL0B.108Acer Ao532h-2382-us Aoxph/n450/1g/160/6l.8/bu
LU.SAL0D.275Acer Ao532h-2421-us W7st/n450/1g/160/6l.2/blu
LU.SAL0C.013Acer Ao532h-2454-es Linpus/n450/2g/250/6l.8/b
LU.SAQ08.004Acer Ao532h-2507-en W7st32/n450/2g/250/6l.8/r
LU.SAL0C.047Acer Ao532h-2512-mx Linpusmsea/n450b/1g/160gb/3l2.2/10.1
LU.SAQ08.002Acer Ao532h-2514-xc W7st32/n450/2g/250/3l/red
LU.SAL0D.308Acer Ao532h-2527-us W7st/n450/1g/160/6l.2/slv/10.1"
LU.SAL0D.374Acer Ao532h-2531-ca W7st32/n450/1g/250g/6 Cell Hc
LU.SAQ0B.133Acer Ao532h-2581-es Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/r
LU.SAL0D.277Acer Ao532h-2588-us Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/3l
LU.SAM0D.148Acer Ao532h-2611-ca Snw7st32/n450b/1g/250gb/3l2.2/10.1w
LU.SAL0B.138Acer Ao532h-2622-us Aoxph/n450/1g/160/6l/blue
LU.SAL0D.298Acer Ao532h-2630-ca Snw7st/n450/1g/250/6l/blu
LU.SAL0C.020Acer Ao532h-2651-es Linpus/n450/2g/250/3l/b
LU.SAL0D.385Acer Ao532h-2719-mx Snw7st32em/n540/1g/160gb/3l2.2
LU.SAL0D.270Acer Ao532h-2727-us Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/3l
LU.SAQ08.012Acer Ao532h-2738-cl W7st32/n450/2g/250/3l.2/r
LU.SAL0B.114Acer Ao532h-2755-xc Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/blu
LU.SAL0D.368Acer Ao532h-2780-ca Snw7st32/n450/1g/250
LU.SAL0D.363Acer Ao532h-2801-cl Em W7st32/n450b/1gb/250g/6l2.2/5r
LU.SAL0D.301Acer Ao532h-2807-ca Snw7st/n450/1g/160/3l/blu
LU.SAL0B.145Acer Ao532h-2813-ar Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/b
LU.SAL0D.315Acer Ao532h-2825 Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/6l2.2
LU.SAL08.016Acer Ao532h-2858-ar W7st/n450/2g/250/6l.8/blu
LU.SAL08.003Acer Ao532h-2901-xc W7st32/n450/2g/250/3l/blu
LU.SAL0C.079Acer Ao532h-2902-us Linpus/n450b/2g/160gb/6l2.8/
LU.SAL08.007Acer Ao532h-2909-cl W7st/n450/2g/250/6l.8/blu
LU.SAM0D.142Acer Ao532h-2924 (3G-att Cm-att) Snw7st32st/n450b/1g/250gb/3l2.2
LU.SAL0B.167Acer Ao532h-2926-ca Aoxphst/n450b/1g/160gb/3l2.2
LU.SAL0B.143Acer Ao532h-2947-es Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/b
LU.SAL0D.375Acer Ao532h-2962-us Snw7st32/n450/1g/250/6l/b
LU.SAL08.006Acer Ao532h-2972-es W7st/n450/2g/250/6l.8/blu
LU.SAL08.013Acer Ao532h-2987-cl W7st32/n450/2g/250/3l.2/b
LU.SAL0D.273Acer Ao532h-2993-us Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/blue
LU.SAL0B.137Acer Ao532h-2997-us Aoxph/n450/1g/160/3l/blue
LU.SAL0D.276Acer Ao532h-2db-us Snw7st32/n450/1g/160/6l2.2 Mcafee/lojack
BT.00305.013Acer Battery 3-Cell Li-ion 2200Mah - Panasonic Um-2009g 3S1p Pana
Acer Battery 3-Cell Li-ion 2200Mah - Sanyo Um-2009g 3S1p Sanyo Ma
BT.00307.031Acer Battery 3-Cell Li-ion 2200Mah - Simplo Um-2009g 3S1p Lgc Mai
BT.00307.029Acer Battery 3-Cell Li-ion 2200Mah - Simplo Um-2009g 3S1p Panason
BT.00605.058Acer Battery 6-Cell Li-ion 4400Mah - Panasonic Um-2009h 3S2p Pana
BT.00607.119Acer Battery 6-Cell Li-ion 4400Mah - Simplo Um-2009h 3S2p Lgc Mai
BT.00603.108Acer Battery 6-Cell Li-ion 5600Mah - Sanyo Um-2009h 3S2p Sanyo Ma
50.SAS02.001Acer Blue Tooth Cable
55.SAS02.002Acer Bridge Board
55.SAS02.003Acer Button Board; Includes Touchpad Cable
57.SAS02.001Acer Camera Module 0.3M
55.SAS02.001Acer Card Reader Board
50.SAS02.002Acer Dc-in Cable
42.SAL02.001Acer Hdd Door Black
42.SAS02.001Acer Hdd Door-white
33.SAS02.001Acer Hdd Housing
KB.I100A.026Acer Keyboard Acer Nt0t Jv01_pt Internal 10 Standard 84Ks Black U
KB.I100A.004Acer Keyboard Acer Nt0t Jv01_pt Internal 10 Standard 85Ks Black B
KB.I100A.020Acer Keyboard Acer Nt0t Jv01_pt Internal 10 Standard 85Ks Black S
KB.I100A.028Acer Keyboard Acer Nt0t Jv01_pt Internal 10 Standard 85Ks Black U
KB.I100A.032Acer Keyboard Acer Nt0t White Jv01_pt Internal 10 Standard 85Ks W
60.SAL02.005Acer Lcd Bezel Black
60.SAS02.008Acer Lcd Bezel-white
33.SAS02.002Acer Lcd Bracket R&l
50.SAS02.005Acer Lcd Cable
50.SAM02.001Acer Lcd Cable For 3G
60.SAX02.003Acer Lcd Cover Imr - Silver
60.SAL02.004Acer Lcd Cover Imr Blue
60.SBN02.001Acer Lcd Cover Imr-purple
60.SAQ02.003Acer Lcd Cover Imr-red
60.SAS02.006Acer Lcd Cover Imr-silver
6M.SAL02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd - Blue
6M.SAX02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd - Csk
6M.SAS02.004Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd - Pink
6M.SAQ02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd - Red
6M.SAS02.003Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd - Silver
6M.SBN02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd 0.3M - Purpl
6M.SAM02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd, 3G - Blue
6M.SAZ02.002Acer Lcd Led Module 10.1" Wsvga Glare W/antenna, Ccd, 3G - Csk
55.SAS02.004Acer Led Board
55.SAM02.001Acer Led Board For 3G
60.SAM02.001Acer Lower Case Assy For W/3g-black
60.SAL02.003Acer Lower Case Assy For W/o 3G-black
60.SAS02.005Acer Lower Case Assy For W/o 3G-white
KN.1GB07.003Acer Mem 1Gb Ddr2 800 So-dimm Acr128x64d2s800c6 Lf 128*8 0.065Um
KN.1GB09.013Acer Mem 1Gb Ddr2 800 So-dimm Ebe10ue8afsa-8g-f Lf 128*8 0.065Um
KN.1GB04.013Acer Mem 1Gb Ddr2 800 So-dimm Mt8htf12864hdy-800g1 Lf 64*16 0.065
KN.2GB07.003Acer Mem 2Gb Ddr2 800 So-dimm Acr256x64d2s800c6 Kingston Lf 128*8
23.SAT02.001Acer Mic Set For W/3g
23.SAS02.001Acer Mic Set For W/o 3G
60.AO532.SV1Acer Mylar For Touchpad + Palm Rest Black
42.SAL02.002Acer Ram Door Black
42.SAS02.002Acer Ram Door-white
23.SAS02.002Acer Speaker R&l
60.SAS02.009Acer Thermal Module
60.SAL02.001Acer Upper Case Assy For W/bt, Mylar - Blue
60.SAQ02.001Acer Upper Case Assy For W/bt, Mylar - Red
60.SAX02.001Acer Upper Case Assy For W/bt-csk, Incl. Tp/tp Mylar
60.SBN02.003Acer Upper Case Assy For W/o Bt, Incl. Tp/tp Mylar - Purple
60.SAL02.002Acer Upper Case Assy For W/o Bt, Mylar - Blue
60.SAQ02.002Acer Upper Case Assy For W/o Bt, Mylar - Red
60.SAS02.002Acer Upper Case Assy For W/o Bt, Mylar - Silver
60.SAX02.002Acer Upper Case Assy For W/o Bt-csk, Incl. Tp/tp Mylar