Brother Replacement Parts
Model Number
5-In-1 Monochrome Laser Multi-function Center (Fax/print/copy/scan/pc Fax)
Brother offers a complete line of Printer, Fax, MFC, P-touch and Sewing supplies and accessories. Brother's consistent history of innovation andinvention of new technology and advancement into unexplored areas has led to the development of innovative products in many fields. The Brother Group began by offering repair services for sewing machines in 1908. Inheriting the DNA of the founders, the Yasui brothers, Brother has continued providing a variety of products that meet the changing needs of customers for over 100 years. Starting from repairing imported sewing machines, overcoming numerous difficulties, Brother has globally expanded responding to needs of customers changing over time.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
LE7589001Brother (R)cd Rom Assy Mfc9700 Ver F
Brother 1Pickup Roller Planetary Gear Assy (Sp)
UF8088001Brother 1Plastic Retaining Ring
Brother 1Separation RubberY
LE2567001Brother 2Hinge A, Black
LJ8031001Brother 2Nd Cassette Relay Pcb
Brother Ac Cord Ul/csa AssyY
LJ5736001Brother Actuator Holder
LE1341001Brother Address Label
LE7424001Brother Address Label Mfc9700
UF0208001Brother Adf Arm
LE2534001Brother Adf Cover As(149)
Brother Adf FilmY
LE1215001Brother Adf Motor
LG2201001Brother Adf Motor Harness
LE2051001Brother Adf Side Cove(14 9)
LE2050001Brother Adf Side Cove149)
LE1525001Brother Adf Sp)
LE2053001Brother Adf Support
LJ4125001Brother Anti-static Brush
UU7505001Brother Anti-static Brush
LJ5557001Brother Bag 400X480 For Drum/toner
UE1688001Brother Bag, 1000X1000h
LG3624001Brother Battery Harness, Mfc9800
LG3623001Brother Battery, Mfc9800
Premium Compatibles Black Toner Printer Cartridge Replacement 1.5K Avg. YieldY
UE3122001Brother Carton For Manual
UU2042001Brother Cassette Sensor Actuator
LE3423001Brother Ccd Drive Belt
LE8487001Brother Ccd Flat Cable Zle
LE2082001Brother Ccd K Loc
LE3338001Brother Ccd M Including Harn)ss
LE7777001Brother Ccd Unisp)
LE7092001Brother Cdrom Assy, Dcp1400
UL9127001Brother Chute Spring L
UL9128001Brother Chute Spring R
LJ5682001Brother Cleaner Assy
LJ5268001Brother Cleaner Pinch Roller Assy
UH3635001Brother Cleaner Spring 30
LE2011001Brother Compression Spring
LE2079001Brother Compression Spring
UF8105001Brother Conductive Bushing
UL9069001Brother Conductor Bushing
LE1335001Brother Control Panel As (149), Dcp1400
LE7069001Brother Control Panel As (149), Mfc 0
LE7080001Brother Control Panel As (149), Mfc9800
UL8982001Brother Develop Joint
LG2737001Brother Document Cover Switch
LE2048001Brother Document Ejection Chute Assy
LE2028001Brother Document Ejection Roller
LE2037001Brother Document Feed(rubber)
UF7026001Brother Document Front Sensor Actuator
LG2014001Brother Document Sensor Harness
UG6609001Brother Document Sensor Pcb
LE2487001Brother Document Sponge
LE2777001Brother Document Support149)
LE3426001Brother Document Tray Assy
LE1568001Brother Document Tray Reinforcement Plate
LE2056001Brother Document Tray(149)
DR400Brother Drum Assy
LJ5734001Brother Eject Actuator 2
LJ5735001Brother Eject Actuator 3
UL8921001Brother Eject Actuator Spring
LJ5732001Brother Eject Actuator Spring 2
LJ5278001Brother Eject Pinch Roller
LJ5276001Brother Eject Pinch Roller Holder L
LJ5277001Brother Eject Pinch Roller Holder R
LJ5279001Brother Eject Pinch Spring
Brother Eject Roller Assy
LJ4499001Brother Electrode Spring
LG3256001Brother Engine Pcb Assy
UL9142001Brother Exit Roller Assy
LE2033001Brother Extension Spring
UL8971001Brother F/r Clutch Lever
LJ4745001Brother Fan
Brother Feed Roller Planetary Gear Assy (Sp)
LE7699001Brother Ferrite Core Bag Assy Usb, Dcp1400/mfc9800
LE2542001Brother Ferrite Core Support
LG2020001Brother Flat C Cd)
LG5638001Brother Fpc Key, Dcp1400
LG5637001Brother Fpc Key, Mfc9800
LG2667001Brother Fpc Key,0 Mfc970
UU2102003Brother Front Cover Ass (149)
UL8984001Brother Front Covk
Brother Front Sub Cove149)
UL8923001Brother Fu Driver Gear
Brother Fuser AssyY
UL9070001Brother Gear 21
LJ5705001Brother Gear 21 Pressure Plate
UL8985001Brother Gear 59
LG2418001Brother Ground Wire
LG2016001Brother Grounding Wire
LJ5685001Brother Halogen Lamp, 115V
LE3500001Brother Harness Support
LJ5684001Brother Heat Roller 25
RLJ5831001Brother High-voltage Power Supply(sp)b Assy
LE2568001Brother Hinge Holder A
UL8908001Brother Hr Bearing 25
Brother Hr Gear 34
UG4558001Brother I/f Cable
LM2047001Brother Idle Gear 13
LG2423001Brother In Casing Temperature Thermistor
LJ8841001Brother Jam Sensor Pcb Assy
UL9059001Brother Joint
UL8983001Brother Joint Spring
LE2274001Brother Key Copy/fax A (149)
LE7276001Brother Key, C 6
LE8515001Brother Key, Cop (515)
UF8174009Brother Key, Copy(51 5)
LJ4283001Brother Key, Function
UF9118006Brother Key, One Tou 149)
UF4576008Brother Key, Shi(149)
UF8174010Brother Key, St(220)
LJ4231002Brother Key, St220)
UF8174011Brother Key, Start(625)
UF4393007Brother Key, Te 149)
LE3431001Brother Key, Ten
LJ4284001Brother Key, Ten
LJ5828001Brother Laser Unit
LE7083001Brother Lcd Sheet, Mfc9800
LG5340001Brother Lcd, 0
UG4552000Brother Lcd, Dcp1400
LE7056001Brother Le7056001 User Guide Mfc9700
MFC9700CDBrother Le7589001 (R)cd Rom Assy Mfc9700 Ver
LE2029001Brother Lower Lf (Rbla )
Brother Main Cover As (149)
LE1744001Brother Main Motor Assy
LG3371001Brother Main Pcb, Dcp1400
LG3363001Brother Main Pcb, Mfc9700
LG3369001Brother Main Pcb, Mfc9800
LG3361001Brother Main-ccd Harness
LG3362001Brother Main-motor Harness
LG3360001Brother Main-panel Harness
UL9049001Brother Manual Insertion Sensor Actuator
LG2139001Brother Ncu Pcb, Mfc9700
LG3370001Brother Ncu Pcb, Mfc9800
Brother Outer Chsp)
LJ5763001Brother Outer Chute149)
LE7096001Brother Owner's Manual Assy, Dcp1400
LE7323001Brother Owner's Manual Assy, Mfc9700, For Can
LE7087001Brother Owner's Manual Assy, Mfc9800, For Us
LE7057001Brother Owner's Manual, Mfc9800 For Us/can
UL8972001Brother P/r Clutch Lever
LE1336001Brother Panel Cove(149), Dcp1400
LE3403001Brother Panel Cove(149), Mfc 0
LE2273001Brother Panel Cove(149), Mfc9800
LG2025001Brother Panel Harness
LG2721001Brother Panel Pcb Ass0
LG2326001Brother Panel Pcb Assy, Dcp1400
LG2138001Brother Panel Pcb Assy, Mfc9800
LE7070001Brother Panel Sheet, 0Mfc970
LE7091001Brother Panel Sheet, Dcp1400
LE7082001Brother Panel Sheet-1, Mfc9800
LE7300001Brother Panel Sheet-2, Mfc9800
UL8920001Brother Paper Eject Actuator
LG2438001Brother Paper Ejection Sensor Pcb
UL9060001Brother Paper Feed Roller Assy
Brother Paper Pick-up RollerY
Brother Paper Rear Gu (615)
LE1197001Brother Paper Sub Tra 149)
LE1198001Brother Paper Sub Tray Cov(149)
Brother Paper Tray Assysp)Y
UL9062001Brother Pawled Bushing
LJ7877001Brother Pick Off Finger Assy C
LE2582001Brother Pinch Rol (126)
UL9122001Brother Pinch Roller Assy
UL9125001Brother Pinch Roller Spring
UU2009001Brother Pinch Roller Spring
LG4015001Brother Power Supply Pcb Assy
UL8916001Brother Pr Bushing
LJ5690001Brother Pr Spring
UF9009001Brother Presser Roller
LE2471001Brother Pressure Roller Shaft
LE2472001Brother Pressure Roller Spring
LE3417001Brother Pulley Assy
UU2002001Brother Rear Cover(149)
UL9050001Brother Registration Sensor Actuator
UL9051001Brother Registration Sensor Spring
LG3260001Brother Relay Pcb Assy
UU7039001Brother Roller Gear 27
LJ7403001Brother Rubber Foot
LE2551001Brother Rubber Holder A
LE7574001Brother Scanner (S )
LE1481001Brother Scanner Lock Sheet
LE1200001Brother Scanner Mount(14 9)
085311015Brother Screw, Bind B Tite 3X10
085311216Brother Screw, Bind B Tite 3X12
085411215Brother Screw, Bind B Tite M4x12
060300415Brother Screw, Bind M3x4
U73515001Brother Screw, Cup B M2.6x5
084320815Brother Screw, Flat S M3x8
0A4300605Brother Screw, P (S/p Wash) M3x6
Brother Screw,(s/pn Wash) M4x10
Brother Separation Pad Spring
Brother Separation Pad Support AssyY
UF9823001Brother Shoulder Screw
LJ4740001Brother Shoulder Screw
LE1368001Brother Shoulder Screw Bind B M4x8
UL9078001Brother Side Guid(615)
UL9079001Brother Side Guide(615)5blue
LJ5701001Brother Solenoid Assy
LJ5703001Brother Solenoid Release Spring
LE7638001Brother Spacer
LG2425001Brother Speaker Unit
LE2550001Brother Spring Plate A Assy
LE7098001Brother Start Card, Dcp1400
LE7076001Brother Start Card, Mfc9700/9800 For Us/can
LE1232001Brother Styrofoam Assy
UU2045001Brother Switch Cover
087311015Brother Tap Cup B M3x10
087310816Brother Tap Cup B M3x8
LJ4432001Brother Tape 32X12
085320816Brother Taptite, Bind S M3x8
087270815Brother Taptite, Cup B M2.6x8
Brother Taptite, Cup B M3x10
087312015Brother Taptite, Cup B M3x20
087310615Brother Taptite, Cup B M3x6
087310815Brother Taptite, Cup B M3x8
087411216Brother Taptite, Cup B M4x12
087321015Brother Taptite, Cup S M3x10
087321615Brother Taptite, Cup S M3x16
087320616Brother Taptite, Cup S M3x6, Mfc9700/9800
087320815Brother Taptite, Cup S M3x8
LE2805001Brother Taptite, Pan B M3x10
UF6116001Brother Taptite, Pan B M3x6
LG3077001Brother Telephone Line Cord, Mfc9000/mfc980
LJ5686001Brother Thermistor Assy
LE1166001Brother Thermistor Film
UL9104001Brother Toner Se (Receiver) Pcb
LJ5704001Brother Toner Seled) Pcb
UL9053001Brother Transfer Arm
UL9052001Brother Transfer Spring
LE1291001Brother Tray Cover Adhesive Tape
LE2026001Brother Upper Lf (Gra )
LE1202001Brother Upper Rear Cover
LE2030001Brother White Roller
LE2032001Brother White Roller Bushing