HP Replacement Parts
Model Number
Hp Designjet L25500 60-Inch Japan Printer
Hewlett Packard (HP) manufactures consumer laptops, pc desktops, printers, accessories and more.. It developed and provided a wide variety of hardware components as well as software and related services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors. Major product lines included personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP marketed its products to households, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises directly as well as via online distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retailers, software partners and major technology vendors.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Q1273-60249HP 256Mb, 184Mhz, Sdram Dimm Memory Module
CH956-67011HP 60-Inch Spindle
CH955-67034HP Aerosol Filter And Fan Assembly
HP Air Pressure System (Aps) Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67076HP Broken Bag Fixing Tools
CH956-67035HP Cable Plate Bundle (Cables) - For 60-Inch Plotters
HP Carriage Assembly - Does Not Include The Carriage Pca, Encoder Sensor, And Color
HP Carriage Flex Cables - For Designjet PrintersY
HP Carriage Pc Board - For The Designjet Z6100 Printer SeriesY
Q6651-60341HP Carriage Stopper - Includes Carriage Stopper Screw And Media-axis Motor Bracket
CH955-67028HP Cartridges Trays - Located On The Lower Ink Supply Station (Iss)
Q6652-60130HP Center Guide (Media Input) Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67001HP Center Platen Assembly - Includes The Attachment Screw Retainer - For 60-Inch Pl
CH955-67083HP Color Sensor (Sol) Shutter Protector
Q1273-60240HP Control Panel Assembly - Includes Cable And Ferrite Cores
Q1271-60160HP Cpu Fan Assembly
CH956-67026HP Cross-brace Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67062HP Curing Fan
CH956-67023HP Curing Fan Cable - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67022HP Curing Fans Cover - Does Not Include Fans - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67031HP Curing Grille - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67089HP Curing Holder Bracket
CH956-67019HP Curing Module Base - Does Not Include The Fans - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67104HP Curing Thermal Switch
HP Cutter AssemblyY
Q6652-60123HP Drive Roller Encoder Kit - For 60-Inch PlottersY
Q1273-60242HP Drive Roller Gear (Overdrive Gear) Kit - Includes Roller Brake Assembly
HP Drop Detector Sensor - For Designjet Printers
CH955-67080HP Dryer Ac Input Assembly
CH956-67033HP Dryer Fan Cable - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67030HP Dryer Grille - Located On The Dryer Module
CH956-67018HP Dryer Ir Temperature Sensor - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67022HP Electronics Module Cable Kit - For The Designjet L25500 Printer Series
CH956-67007HP Electronics Module Extension - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67023HP Empty Electronics Module Assembly
CH956-67005HP Encoder Strip And Sensor Kit - For 42-Inch Plotters
CH955-67072HP Foot Assembly - For The Designjet L25500 Printer Series
Q6651-60262HP Foot Brace Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67010HP Front Panel Window Cover - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67031HP Hard Disk Drive (Hdd) - Includes Holder And Screws
Q6651-60256HP Hardware Kit - Includes Screws For Legs Assembly
CH955-67078HP Heater Control Assembly Cooling Fan (Petisa)
CH955-67052HP Heaters Control Assembly (Petisa) - Includes Cooling Fan
HP Ink Supply Station To Cartridge Cable Connector
CH955-67002HP Ink Supply Tube Clips
Q6652-60114HP Input Feed Roller Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
Q1273-60103HP Input Feed Roller Levers (Two Used)
CH955-67009HP Interconnect Pca - Controls Several Motors And Is Also Used As A Connections Boa
CH956-67021HP Ir Curing Sensor - For 60-Inch Plotters
HP Ir Curing Sensor Fan - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67090HP Left And Right Side Curing Trims
Q6651-60264HP Left And Right Side Stand Supports
CH955-67018HP Left Cover Assembly - For The Designjet L25500 Printer Serie
CH955-67024HP Left Scan-axis Bracket
CH955-67087HP Left Side Curing Cover
CH955-67008HP Left Side Rollfeed Module Assembly
CH955-67026HP Left Side Trim Assembly
Q6651-60257HP Leg Cover - Covers Both The Left And Right Leg Assemblies
Q6651-60255HP Legs Assembly - For The Designjet Z6100 Printer Series
Q6651-60297HP Line Sensor Assembly - Includes Holder And Cable
CH955-67014HP Lower Ink Supply Station (Iss) - Includes The Cartridge Trays
CH955-67097HP Media Presence Sensor
HP Media-axis Motor - Drives The Drive Roller Assembly - Includes The Media AdvanceY
CH956-67037HP Mylar Strip - Located On The Window - For 60-Inch Plotters
Q6651-60269HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (Omas) Cable
HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (Omas) Module
CH955-67066HP Optical Media Advance Sensor Assembly
CH956-67004HP Output Platen - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67065HP Output Roller Support - Includes The Pins
Q6652-60109HP Paper Drive Roller Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
HP Paper Jam Sensor - Includes Carriage Reflector And Cable
HP Pinchwheel (Media) Lever Assembly - For Designjet Printers
Q6651-60066HP Pinchwheel Kit - For Designjet PrintersY
CH955-67006HP Power Supply Unit (Psu) - Designjet L25500 Printer Series
Q6651-60265HP Primer Assembly - For Designjet PrintersY
Q6651-60266HP Primer Valves And Primer Tubes Assembly - For Designjet Printers
CH955-67029HP Printhead Maintenance Cartridge Door
CH955-67030HP Printmech Pca - Controls Motors And Fans
CH956-67008HP Rear Cover - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67088HP Rear Dryer Fan
Q6652-60126HP Rear Tube Shelf - Includes Brackets - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67079HP Residual Current Circuit Breakers (Rccb)/gfis - Includes Two Units
CH955-67064HP Rewinder Motor And Gears
Q1273-60086HP Right Bracket Assembly - Used To Connect The Right Cover Assembly
CH955-67019HP Right Cover - Does Not Include The Right Side Door
Q6651-60332HP Right Side Connector Cover - For Designjet Printers
CH955-67086HP Right Side Curing Cover
HP Right Side Rollfeed Module Assembly
CH955-67074HP Sata Bridge Pca
CH955-67021HP Sausalito Pci Pca - Main Controller Of The Printer, It Is Responsible For All Th
HP Scan-axis Motor Assembly - For 60-Inch PlottersY
CH956-67002HP Service Replaceable Kit And Trailing Cable - Contains Various Components Includi
CH955-67012HP Service Station Assembly - Includes Serice Station Cable
Q1273-60273HP Service Station Cable - Includes Printhead Cleaner Door Sensor
HP Setup Printhead Kit - For The Designjet Z6100 Printer Series
CH955-67084HP Shutter Bump (Actuator) - For Designjet Printers
HP Spittoon Assembly - Includes Funnel, Tube And End Section
HP Take-up Reel (Tur) Deflector Support Assembly
Q6706-60904HP Take-up Reel (Tur) Motor Assembly
CH956-67012HP Take-up Reel (Tur) Spindle Assembly - Includes The Take-up Reel Tubes - For 60-I
Q6706-60903HP Take-up Reel Left Hand Module
CH956-67032HP Take-up Reel Shelf - For 60-Inch Plotters
Q6706-60901HP Take-up Reel Spindle Hubs
Q6652-60902HP Take-up Reel Tubes Assembly - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67003HP Top Cover - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH956-67015HP Top Cover Fan Cable - For 60-Inch Plotters
CH955-67048HP Top Fan Cover
CH956-67016HP Transparent Window - Located On The Front Panel Window Cover - For 42-Inch Plott
CH955-67013HP Upper Ink Supply Station (Iss) - Includes The Cartridge Trays
CH955-67053HP Web Wiper Motor Assembly - Includes PlateY
CH955-67067HP Window Hinge Break - For Designjet Plotters
CH955-67046HP Window Lock Sensor
CH956-67034HP Window Lock Sensor Cable - For 42-Inch Plotters
CH955-67047HP Window Locks - Locks The Transparent Window In Place