Samsung Replacement Parts
Model Number
A3 Copier-color,sl-fin702h,30,30,finishe
Samsung is a leading manufacturer of televisions, home theater units and home appliances. For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technologies and industries. Through a varied approach that includes innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship; and collaboration with partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. Samsung's mission to inspire the world with innovative technologies, products and design that enrich people's lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
JC66-02533ASamsung Actuator-exit
JC66-02532ASamsung Actuator-f_d_full_exit
JC66-04527ASamsung Actuator-grip Pos
JC66-04528ASamsung Actuator-o Staple
JC66-04526ASamsung Actuator-pusher
JC66-04569ASamsung Actuator-sensor
JC66-04525ASamsung Actuator-top Exit
JC81-09396ASamsung As-cs Spring Actuator Stack
JC81-08263ASamsung As-magnet By3-32-1
6922-000006Samsung Band Pp
Schematic Location: A4107
6601-003062Samsung Bearing Ball
6601-001478Samsung Bearing Ball
Schematic Location: G9049
6602-003648Samsung Belt-timing Gear
6602-003645Samsung Belt-timing Gear
6602-003644Samsung Belt-timing Gear
6602-001588Samsung Belt-timing Gear
Schematic Location: A4233
JC61-06110ASamsung Bracket-finisher Mount
JC67-00820ASamsung Brush-compiler Ceiling Front
JC67-00819ASamsung Brush-compiler Ceiling Rear
JC67-00817ASamsung Brush-main Exit
JC67-00818ASamsung Brush-top Exit
JC61-00424ASamsung Bush-4
Schematic Location: H1171
JC61-00423ASamsung Bush-6_d
Schematic Location: H1175
JC61-00884ASamsung Bush-6_d(l)
Schematic Location: H1174
JC61-00426ASamsung Bush-8/5
Schematic Location: H1176
JC61-02372ASamsung Bush-d6/l4
Schematic Location: H1185
JC64-00996ASamsung Button-lens
JC64-00995ASamsung Button-staple
2402-001106Samsung C-al,smd
Schematic Location: A7787
2402-001086Samsung C-al,smd
Schematic Location: H1323
2203-006960Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9718
2203-005249Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9731
2203-002392Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9795
2203-000783Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9659
2203-000626Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9552
2203-000440Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9776
2203-000257Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9751
2203-000236Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9631
2203-000189Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9721
6502-001131Samsung Cable Clamp
Schematic Location: L9191
6502-001130Samsung Cable Clamp
Schematic Location: L9053
JC67-00711BSamsung Cap-screw
JC67-00711ASamsung Cap-screw
JC61-07452ASamsung Caster
JC61-07444ASamsung Caster-fix Nut
Samsung Clutch-p_one Way
Schematic Location: H3704
JC63-04985ASamsung Cover-caster
JC63-04987ASamsung Cover-f Lower
JC63-04986ASamsung Cover-front
JC63-05004ASamsung Cover-link
JC63-05002ASamsung Cover-m Tray
JC63-04988ASamsung Cover-rear
JC63-05003ASamsung Cover-s Tray
JC63-04999ASamsung Cover-stacker
JC63-04995ASamsung Cover-t Tray
JC63-04996ASamsung Cover-t Tray2
JC81-07930ASamsung Csp-actuator Duplex
JC81-07637ASamsung Csp-worm Stacker
JC93-01168ASamsung Drive-motor Dc
JC93-01156ASamsung Drive-motor Step
JC93-01155ASamsung Drive-motor Step
JC93-01001BSamsung Drive-motor Step
JC93-01001ASamsung Drive-motor Step
JC93-00802ASamsung Drive-motor Step
JC90-01119ASamsung Exit-second
JC90-01474ASamsung Finisher Sub-clutch Div
JC90-01404ASamsung Finisher Sub-clutch Drive
JC90-01458ASamsung Finisher Sub-div Cam
JC90-01409ASamsung Finisher Sub-ejector Unit
JC90-01466ASamsung Finisher Sub-end Fence
JC90-01451ASamsung Finisher Sub-exit Main
JC90-01410ASamsung Finisher Sub-ge Mtr
JC90-01462ASamsung Finisher Sub-pdl Mid
JC90-01463ASamsung Finisher Sub-pdl Wing
JC90-01411ASamsung Finisher Sub-pe Mtr
JC90-01448ASamsung Finisher Sub-regist Guide
JC90-01457ASamsung Finisher Sub-right Jam
JC90-01414ASamsung Finisher Sub-scu Mtr
JC90-01412ASamsung Finisher Sub-staple Unit
JC90-01415ASamsung Finisher Sub-stk Mtr
JC90-01464ASamsung Finisher Sub-tamper Front
JC90-01465ASamsung Finisher Sub-tamper Rear
JC90-01446ASamsung Finisher Sub-top Cover
JC90-01445ASamsung Finisher Sub-top Door
JC90-01455ASamsung Finisher Sub-top Jam
JC90-01456ASamsung Finisher Sub-trans Buff
JC61-06663ASamsung Frame-mount
JC93-01159ASamsung Frame-rh Assembly
JC61-06668ASamsung Frame-spt Tray
JC66-04602ASamsung Gear-buffer
JC66-04604ASamsung Gear-db Gear
JC66-02163ASamsung Gear-exit
0205-001307Samsung Grease
0205-001306Samsung Grease
0205-001232Samsung Grease
Schematic Location: C3908
0205-001281Samsung Grease-bearing
JC63-04984ASamsung Ground-c Safety
JC61-07194ASamsung Guide-bm Exit
JC61-07204ASamsung Guide-buff Div
JC61-07205ASamsung Guide-diverter
JC61-07264ASamsung Guide-lead Scr
JC61-07206ASamsung Guide-pusher
JC61-06745ASamsung Guide-rail
JC61-07192ASamsung Guide-safety
JC61-07196ASamsung Guide-top Jam
JC39-02320ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Bm Path
JC39-02328ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Bridge Pa
JC39-02311ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Bridge Rel
JC39-02327ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Bridge Sub
JC39-02324ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Eject Moto
JC39-02317ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Eject Rela
JC39-02326ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Eject Sens
JC39-02329ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher End Fence
JC39-02321ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Ent Path
JC39-02322ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Exit Path
JC39-02309ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Front Door
JC39-02318ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Front Lowe
JC39-02313ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Front Uppe
JC39-02308ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Interface
JC39-02345ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Led Joint
JC39-02314ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Punch Rela
JC39-02312ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Rear Upper
JC39-02331ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Stack Full
JC39-02319ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Stack Rela
JC39-02325ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Stack Shie
JC39-02323ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Staple Hea
JC39-02330ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Staple Pos
JC39-02315ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Staple Rel
JC39-02316ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Staple Saf
JC39-02310ASamsung Harness-3k Finisher Top Cover
JC39-02072ASamsung Harness-finisher
3711-006794Samsung Header-board To Cable
3711-000922Samsung Header-board To Cable
JC61-03098ASamsung Holder-roller Idle
0803-003263Samsung Ic-cmos Logic
Schematic Location: C5853
1203-006141Samsung Ic-posi.fixed Reg.
1202-000164Samsung Ic-voltage Comp.
Schematic Location: C7174
JG70-40542ASamsung Ict-pin Cartridge
JC70-40360ASamsung Ict-pin_parelled,p/u
Schematic Location: K3254
JC68-10932ASamsung Label(p)-blank(ml)
Schematic Location: D2020
JF68-10532BSamsung Label-bar Code
Schematic Location: D1863
JC68-02214ASamsung Label-regulation
Samsung Led
0601-001863Samsung Led
Schematic Location: D5146
0601-003440Samsung Led-ir
JC66-02278ASamsung Lever-act Full Exit
JC66-02218ASamsung Lever-acturator F_d Full
JC66-03236ASamsung Link-gate Exit
JC67-00808ASamsung Machinery Etc-staple Roller
JC67-00807ASamsung Machinery Etc-stapler
JC31-00178ASamsung Motor Dc-stacker
JC31-00163BSamsung Motor Step 1P
JC31-00163ASamsung Motor Step 1P
JC31-00149ASamsung Motor Step 1P
JB69-40105ASamsung Packing-pad, Edge
JC92-02791ASamsung Pba-3k Main
JC92-02789ASamsung Pba-3k Switch
0603-001309Samsung Photo Tr
Samsung Photo-interrupter
Schematic Location: L9633
Samsung Photo-interrupter
Schematic Location: E9322
JC61-06733ASamsung Plate-f Hook
JC66-04261ASamsung Pulley-pinion
2007-009861Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3515
2007-000799Samsung R-chip
2007-000660Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3723
2007-000305Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7624
2007-000109Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3653
2007-000102Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7609
2007-000097Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7953
2007-000096Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7867
2007-000094Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7791
2007-000093Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7771
2007-000091Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7656
2007-000090Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7620
2007-000082Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3740
2007-000078Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7721
2007-000074Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7613
2007-000072Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3856
2007-000070Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7571
6044-000159Samsung Ring-c
Schematic Location: F8253
6044-000107Samsung Ring-c
Schematic Location: L4033
6044-000131Samsung Ring-e
6044-000129Samsung Ring-e
Schematic Location: L4041
6044-000125Samsung Ring-e
Schematic Location: F8266
JC66-04732ASamsung Roller Feed-brg
JC66-04733ASamsung Roller Feed-brg Ent
JC66-04723ASamsung Roller Feed-exit Bm
JC66-04722ASamsung Roller Feed-main Ent
JC66-04726ASamsung Roller Feed-main Exit
JC66-04724ASamsung Roller Feed-mid Exit
JC66-04727ASamsung Roller Feed-top Exit
JC66-04725ASamsung Roller Feed-top Mid Exit
JC66-04542ASamsung Roller Idle-flg
JC66-04540ASamsung Roller Idle-mov
JC66-04543ASamsung Roller Idle-mov2
JC66-02289BSamsung Roller Idle-rubber-idle
JC66-04541ASamsung Roller Idle-st Base
JC66-03092ASamsung Roller-exit
JC66-03183ASamsung Roller-face Down Exit
6502-001132Samsung Saddle
Schematic Location: L9648
6009-001665Samsung Screw-hex
6009-001664Samsung Screw-hex
Samsung Screw-machine
6001-000545Samsung Screw-machine
6001-000130Samsung Screw-machine
Schematic Location: F9660
6009-001697Samsung Screw-special
Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: L5473
6003-000283Samsung Screw-taptypeY
6003-000282Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9835
Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9840
6003-000264Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9907
6003-000196Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9909
JC62-01330ASamsung Seal-f Curl Supp
JC62-01331ASamsung Seal-r Curl Supp
JC62-01333ASamsung Seal-stapler
JC62-01329ASamsung Seal-supp Com
JC62-01328ASamsung Seal-top Guide
JC32-00020ASamsung Sensor-rp A
JB70-00168ASamsung Shaft
Schematic Location: C6681
JC66-04767ASamsung Shaft Hinge-door
JC63-04411ASamsung Sheet-frame Base
JC63-03776ASamsung Sheet-sensor
0202-001459Samsung Solder-cream
Schematic Location: G1061
JC33-00031BSamsung Solenoid-lifting
JC61-07431ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07430ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07415ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07414ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07409ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07408ASamsung Spring Es
JC61-07432ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07428ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07427ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07418ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07417ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07413ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07411ASamsung Spring Ts
JC61-07410ASamsung Spring Ts
6107-001731Samsung Spring-cs
6107-002654Samsung Spring-ts
6107-002237Samsung Spring-ts
0504-000111Samsung Tr-digital
0501-000457Samsung Tr-small Signal
Schematic Location: G2695
6031-000120Samsung Washer-e.t
6031-001584Samsung Washer-plain
Schematic Location: L8211
6031-001547Samsung Washer-plain
Schematic Location: L8204
6031-001247Samsung Washer-plain
Schematic Location: L8213