Samsung Replacement Parts
Model Number
A3 Copier-color,sl-pfp501d,60,60,dcf
Samsung is a leading manufacturer of televisions, home theater units and home appliances. For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technologies and industries. Through a varied approach that includes innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship; and collaboration with partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. Samsung's mission to inspire the world with innovative technologies, products and design that enrich people's lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
JC66-04306ASamsung Actuator-takeaway Interlock
6601-002584Samsung Bearing Ball
6602-003670Samsung Belt-timing Gear
6602-003185Samsung Belt-timing Gear
JC61-00884ASamsung Bush-6_d(l)
Schematic Location: H1174
JC61-00699ASamsung Bush-d6/l4
Schematic Location: H1184
2402-001106Samsung C-al,smd
Schematic Location: A7787
2203-006824Samsung C-cer,chip
2203-005493Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9791
2203-005249Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9731
2203-002709Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: H3472
2203-000783Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9659
2203-000679Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: H3409
2203-000626Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9552
2203-000257Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9751
2203-000236Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: A9631
2203-000233Samsung C-cer,chip
Schematic Location: H3434
6502-001131Samsung Cable Clamp
Schematic Location: L9191
6502-001130Samsung Cable Clamp
Schematic Location: L9053
JC67-00711BSamsung Cap-screw
JC90-01363ASamsung Cassette Sub-bracker Lift
JC90-01390ASamsung Cassette Sub-cover 3Rd
JC90-01388ASamsung Cassette Sub-cover 4Th
JC90-01367ASamsung Cassette Sub-guide Front 2Nd
JC90-01368ASamsung Cassette Sub-guide Rear 2Nd
JC90-01391ASamsung Cassette-3rd
JC90-01389ASamsung Cassette-4th
6109-001138Samsung Caster
Samsung Clutch-p_one Way
Schematic Location: H3704
JC67-00455ASamsung Coupler-torquelimiter
JC63-04806ASamsung Cover-front Right
JC63-04791ASamsung Cover-left
JC63-04790ASamsung Cover-rear
JC63-04789ASamsung Cover-right
JC63-04829ASamsung Cover-screw Rear
JC63-04810ASamsung Cover-take Away
2801-004618Samsung Crystal-smd
Schematic Location: B3077
JC66-04086ASamsung Damper-lifting Cst
JC90-01520ASamsung Dcf Sub-auto Closing
JC93-01135ASamsung Drive-feed Opt
JC93-01083ASamsung Drive-motor Step
JC93-01063BSamsung Drive-pickup
0204-003821Samsung Flux
Schematic Location: C2794
Samsung Frame Main-pickup Roller
JC61-06891ASamsung Frame-cassette 2Nd
JC66-03279ASamsung Gear-coupling Link
JC66-04063ASamsung Gear-damper Cst
JC66-04445ASamsung Gear-drive Feed
JC66-04449ASamsung Gear-drive Pickup
JC66-04297ASamsung Gear-feed
JC66-04296ASamsung Gear-idle_feed
JC66-03280ASamsung Gear-lift Coupling
JC66-04476ASamsung Gear-lifting Cst
JC66-00940ASamsung Gear-m_idle Pu
Schematic Location: I5652
JC66-00941ASamsung Gear-m_one Way
Schematic Location: I5669
JC66-01020ASamsung Gear-m_pinion 24
Schematic Location: I5678
Samsung Gear-m_pu Joint
Schematic Location: I5681
JC66-04355ASamsung Gear-rdcn Lift
JC66-04356ASamsung Gear-rdcn Lift A
JC66-04291ASamsung Gear-rdcn Pully Feed Opt
0205-001306Samsung Grease
0205-001232Samsung Grease
Schematic Location: C3908
0205-001281Samsung Grease-bearing
JC63-00791ASamsung Ground-p-spring Scan
Schematic Location: I6121
JC61-07028ASamsung Guide-left
JC61-06632ASamsung Guide-pulley Opt
JC61-03212ASamsung Guide-stopper Paper
JC39-02277ASamsung Harness-heater_dcf
JC39-02276ASamsung Harness-main_if_dcf
JC39-02275ASamsung Harness-psize_dcf
JC39-02278ASamsung Harness-sub_if_dcf
JC39-02268ASamsung Harness-t1mot_dcf
JC39-02272ASamsung Harness-t1sens2_dcf
JC39-02271ASamsung Harness-t1sens_dcf
JC39-02274ASamsung Harness-t2mot_dcf
JC39-02270ASamsung Harness-t2sens2_dcf
JC39-02269ASamsung Harness-t2sens_dcf
JC39-02273ASamsung Harness-traylock_dcf
3711-006793Samsung Header-board To Cable
3711-006792Samsung Header-board To Cable
JC61-01288ASamsung Holder-m_idle One Way
Schematic Location: I7155
0803-003263Samsung Ic-cmos Logic
Schematic Location: C5853
0801-000287Samsung Ic-cmos Logic
Schematic Location: C5621
1003-002123Samsung Ic-motor Driver
1203-006141Samsung Ic-posi.fixed Reg.
1203-002233Samsung Ic-reset
Schematic Location: C6583
JC68-10932ASamsung Label(p)-blank(ml)
Schematic Location: D2020
JF68-10532BSamsung Label-bar Code
Schematic Location: D1863
JC68-02214ASamsung Label-regulation
0601-001830Samsung Led
Schematic Location: D5119
JC66-02311ASamsung Lever-locker Guide
JC66-04345ASamsung Lever-size Rear
JC60-00078ASamsung Machinery Etc-fastener-screw
JC67-00768ASamsung Machinery Etc-velcro
JC31-00177ASamsung Motor Step 1P
JB69-40105ASamsung Packing-pad, Edge
JC92-02738ASamsung Pba-dcf
JC92-02622ASamsung Pba-paper Size Sensor
0604-001490Samsung Photo-interrupter
Samsung Photo-interrupter
Schematic Location: E9322
0604-001381Samsung Photo-interrupter
JC93-01087ASamsung Pick Up-dcf 1St
JC93-01137ASamsung Pick Up-dcf 2Nd
JC61-03002ASamsung Plate-ground Cst
2007-009861Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3515
2007-001323Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3815
2007-000736Samsung R-chip
2007-000643Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3714
2007-000402Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7683
2007-000171Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3522
2007-000162Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3558
2007-000157Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3855
2007-000152Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7772
2007-000148Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3567
2007-000144Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3868
2007-000141Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3664
2007-000140Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3651
2007-000138Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3563
2007-000123Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7592
2007-000122Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3529
2007-000070Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7571
2007-000067Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: L3618
2007-000033Samsung R-chip
Schematic Location: F7572
2011-001011Samsung R-network
Schematic Location: F8764
2011-000816Samsung R-network
Schematic Location: F8761
6044-000231Samsung Ring-e
Schematic Location: L4040
6044-000125Samsung Ring-e
Schematic Location: F8266
6044-000123Samsung Ring-e
JC66-04607ASamsung Roller Feed-opt
JC66-04670ASamsung Roller Feed-takeaway
6502-001132Samsung Saddle
Schematic Location: L9648
6009-001665Samsung Screw-hex
6009-001664Samsung Screw-hex
6006-001193Samsung Screw-machine
Schematic Location: L5386
6002-000440Samsung Screw-tapping
Schematic Location: F9821
6003-000002Samsung Screw-taptite
Schematic Location: L5497
6003-000301Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9842
6003-000283Samsung Screw-taptypeY
Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9840
6003-000264Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9907
6003-000196Samsung Screw-taptype
Schematic Location: F9909
JC63-03776ASamsung Sheet-sensor
0202-001459Samsung Solder-cream
Schematic Location: G1061
JC61-07349ASamsung Spring Cs
6107-001764Samsung Spring-cs
6107-001756Samsung Spring-cs
6107-001757Samsung Spring-es
0501-000457Samsung Tr-small Signal
Schematic Location: G2695
6031-001584Samsung Washer-plain
Schematic Location: L8211
6031-001002Samsung Washer-plain
Schematic Location: L8193