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NEW and Vance Baldwin Electronics Form Strategic Partnership

NEW and Vance Baldwin are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will add value to NEW by enhancing the delivery of service contract repairs. In partnering with Vance Baldwin, NEW is well-positioned to reduce the amount of time to complete a repair while standardizing the costs associated with replacement parts.

NEW has tapped into Vance Baldwin’s expertise as a full-line OEM distributor of consumer electronics, appliance, and computer & printer parts with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. In this role, Vance Baldwin will provide a large-scale, single source solution for parts procurement to NEW’s nationwide network of service providers.

In addition to the benefits for NEW’s nationwide network of service providers, Vance Baldwin will provide NEW management with real time updates of the parts procurement process, as well as complete visibility of the entire parts transaction process from ordering through delivery.

Armed with this information, NEW will be able to analyze the parts-procurement process in order to create system-wide efficiencies that have the potential to further reduce service cycle turn times. By standardizing the costs of parts per repair, NEW will have access to the information necessary to select the most cost-effective solutions.

Our retail partners fully support this strategic partnership and are looking forward to realizing its benefits. Perhaps the biggest winner in this alliance will be our mutual customers. When repairs are made in a timely manner with minimum delay, customer satisfaction will remain high for NEW’s outstanding customer service. And when our mutual customers are happy, our clients will be, too!


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