Development and Testing


Services require a user name and password that must be obtained from Encompass.

Services all contain the elements errorCode and errorMessage.
In order for a request to be considered successful, a positive error code must be received back from our system.


Errors will have a negative number
<errorMessage>invalid xmlUser</errorMessage>

ALL responses from our system should be first checked for an "errorCode" before any further processing.

Basic service errorCode values

-99host application error (host issue)
-100files did not open (host issue)
-101invalid xmlUser
-102invalid xmlPassword
-103invalid service name
-104invalid service name
-105not authorized to use service

Available Web Services

Service Description
Brand List list of supported manufacturers
Model Search return list of models for a search
Model Part List return list of part numbers for a manufacturer code and model number
Parts Info return parts information for a search
Order Create create an order
Order Status return order status for an Encompass order#, Encompass invoice#, or Your PO# / Reference#
Invoice Information return invoice information for an Encompass invoice#
Order Cancel cancel items on an open order
Part Research Create create a part research request
Part Research View view a part research request
Return Request request to return items on an invoice
Basic Profile Our Web Services implementation is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant.