Restful Services (New)

Our SOAP services will continue to function, but there will not be any more enhancements. We recommend that any new projects use our restful services. If you have existing projects, please consider migrating.
You can find information on our newer restful services with interactive documentation here.

Legacy SOAP Services


Development and Testing


All services require a user name and password that must be obtained from Encompass, this is separate from your regular Encompass account. You must also have a net terms account, as we do not allow credit card accounts to access our API. Please contact your Encompass account manager for more information.

Services all contain the elements errorCode and errorMessage.
In order for a request to be considered successful, a positive error code must be received back from our system.


Errors will have a negative number
<errorMessage>invalid xmlUser</errorMessage>

ALL responses from our system should be first checked for an "errorCode" before any further processing.

Basic service errorCode values

-99host application error (host issue)
-100files did not open (host issue)
-101invalid xmlUser
-102invalid xmlPassword
-103invalid service name
-104invalid service name
-105not authorized to use service

Available Web Services

Service Description
Brand List list of supported manufacturers
Model Search return list of models for a search
Model Part List return list of part numbers for a manufacturer code and model number
Parts Info return parts information for a search
Order Create create an order
Order Status return order status for an Encompass order#, Encompass invoice#, or Your PO# / Reference#
Invoice Information return invoice information for an Encompass invoice#
Order Cancel cancel items on an open order
Part Research Create create a part research request
Part Research View view a part research request
Return Request request to return items on an invoice
Basic Profile Our Web Services implementation is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant.